Friday, 4 May 2012

Well this week has not been a good one for Emma.  Started off arguing with the pharmacy in regards to her Glycopyrolate prescription. Of course they didn't send a req. to the doctor like I asked them to last month, of course I am always the one to blame there. So after three days of them apprently being able to find their fax machine, the req. gets sent in. So now starts the arguing with Children's. It didn't turn out nice...and after 3 days of her having no med, her problems start. Excessive suctioning, positioning, drooling, aspirating and oxygen. She started back on the med last night and as of this morning, she is doing really well again. The oxygen is off and she is holding her own very well.

I really don't understand health care, probably never will. Every "mission statement" I have seen says they will ensure the patient recieves the care they need in a timely manner. So I ask....why do this to a child? I was up with her 24/7 so she wasn't choking and gagging, I was suctioning, I was positioning, I was doing chest physio....while they were doing what? Not a care in the world, so sad.  I know I am not alone...this very week another mother is going through a struggle with the health system, trying to get something for their child that will not only benefit her, but possibly save her life.  I have never in my life been so sickened at doctors/sectretaries/nurses than I have this very week.  Put yourself in our child's shoes....or my shoes....see how the stress you cause affects us as parents and our children. Then go look over your "mission statement" again.

I feel a bit better now having said that, but still so dissapointed. Thanks for reading my rant....I promise the next one will be better :)

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  1. We need to be so proactive in these matters. Checking up on the professionals whom I rely on to provide equipment and meds, to make sure they are actually going to do what they should, needs to be second nature unfortunately because they deal with so many people and variables.
    From personal experience I can tell you that eventually they get it, but then that's why I dread being in contact with a new place or professional.
    Had the same thing as you this week with a change in pharmacy (not my choice). They weren't familiar with pads for the mic-key which are pre-cut (and sterile) so instead of saying that they sent something else which wasn't useable and only after I complained did they call. The answer I got, "we're not familiar with them". So? It's your job to be familiar. Look it up!
    And on it goes, and sometimes they have the nerve to get angry that we wnat them to do their job.

    Anyway "Emma Joyce", welcome to the blogosphere and hang in there.