Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Good days and bad days

Emma has been sick again. This time was really strange. Started Thursday night with seizure clusters and every second night after that only. She was doing well Friday and Saturday. We went swimming on Saturday as Emma loves swimming! She seemed to be getting tired after about fifteen minutes. I got her out of the pool and within seconds she started the seizure clusters again. Her Ativan kicked in and she was fine. Monday night she spiked a fever within half an hour. She was up to 39.7. I worked on her for two hours suctioning, cold cloths, ice packs. She also had Tylenol & Advil, plus Ativan again to stop the seizure clusters. She has never spiked a fever that quickly!

We went to the doctor here yesterday and he agreed with me, thinking it's more of a sinus infection than chest. It was so hard for me to hear her chest as she was breathing so loudly and it was the same for the doctor as well. She is on Zpack, which is the only thing she doesn't seem to be immune to.

She had a great night last night and is back to her usual self, yelling at mommy! We are hoping for some nice weather this weekend as it has been raining everyday (or so it seems).  This time next weekend, her siblings will all be out of school and it will be chaos for two months! (LOL)

Hope veryone has a safe, healthy and happy summer! Go out and make some awesome memories!!

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